Job offers

Would you like to join our lab? Institut für Informationsverarbeitung is looking for highly motivated researchers. In our lab you will find an exciting environment for research and an international team with people from about 7 countries. Any candidate should have a solid knowledge of C++ or MatLab, be fluent in English both spoken and written, be creative and willing to travel.

Check out the lists of open Post-doc and Ph.D. positions. In addition proactive applications are also possible.

Datenkompression für Cochlea-Implantate


Contact: Reemt Hinrichs, M.Sc.
Maschinelles Lernen für die satellitengestützte Prädiktion von Waldbrandrisiken


Contact: Dipl.-Inf. Daniel Gritzner
Efficient and Interpretable Reinforcement Learning


Contact: Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Dockhorn

For Bachelor-/Studien-/Master- und Diplomarbeiten, as well as Hiwi-Jobs please visit our Student Projects Page.