Dr.-Ing. Heiko Purnhagen
Coding Technologies
Döbelnsgatan 64
11352 Stockholm
phone: +46 8 442 91 69
fax: +46 8 33 09 88
Heiko Purnhagen left the Institut für Informationsverabeitung.
Publications and research activities from the time after the departure are not listed here.
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  • Heiko Purnhagen, Nikolaus Meine, Bernd Edler
    Sinusoidal Coding Using Loudness-Based Component Selection
    Int. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, Orlando, May 2002
  • Nikolaus Meine, Heiko Purnhagen
    Fast Sinusoid Synthesis For MPEG-4 HILN Parametric Audio Decoding
    Proc. of the 5 th Int. Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-02), Hamburg, Germany, September 26-28, 2002, 2002
  • Heiko Purnhagen
    Parameter Estimation and Tracking for Time-Varying Sinusoids
    Proc. 1st IEEE Benelux Workshop on Model based Processing and Coding of Audio (MPCA-2002), Leuven, Belgium, November 15, 2002, 2002
  • Juergen Herre, Heiko Purnhagen
    General Audio Coding
    The MPEG-4 Book, Pearson Education, Inc.,, pp. 487-544, Prentice Hall, New Jersey 07458, 2002, edited by Pereira, Fernando; Ebrahimi, Touradj
  • Heiko Purnhagen, Bernd Edler, Nikolaus Meine
    Error Protection and Concealment for HILN MPEG-4 Parametric Audio Coding
    110th AES Convention, Audio Engineering Society, p. Preprint 5300, Amsterdam, May 2001
  • Heiko Purnhagen, Nikolaus Meine, Bernd Edler
    Speeding up HILN - MPEG-4 Parametric Audio Encoding with Reduced Complexity
    109th AES Convention, Audio Engineering Society, p. Preprint 5177, Los Angeles, September 2000
  • Bernd Edler, Heiko Purnhagen
    Parametric Audio Coding
    5th International Conference on Signal Processing (ICSP 2000), Beijing, August 2000
  • Heiko Purnhagen, Nikolaus Meine
    HILN - The MPEG-4 Parametric Audio Coding Tools
    IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2000), Geneva, May 2000, 2000
  • Heiko Purnhagen
    Der MPEG-4 Audio Standard - ein Überblick
    Rundfunktechnische Mitteilungen (RTM), Jahrgang 44, Heft 2, April 2000, 2000
  • Heiko Purnhagen
    An Overview of MPEG-4 Audio Version 2
    AES 17th International Conference on High-Quality Audio Coding, Florence, Italy, 2-5 September 1999, 1999
  • Heiko Purnhagen
    Advances in Parametric Audio Coding
    IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics, New Paltz, New York, Oct. 17-20, 1999, 1999
  • Bernd Edler, Heiko Purnhagen
    Concepts for Hybrid Audio Coding Schemes Based on Parametric Techniques
    105th AES Convention, Audio Engineering Society, p. Preprint 4808, San Francisco, September 1998
  • Heiko Purnhagen, Bernd Edler, Charalampos Ferekidis
    Object-Based Analysis/Synthesis Audio Coder for Very Low Bit Rates
    104th AES Convention, Audio Engineering Society, p. Preprint 4747, Amsterdam, May 1998
  • Heiko Purnhagen, Bernd Edler
    Objektbasierter Analyse/Synthese Audio Coder für sehr niedrige Datenraten
    ITG-Fachtagung "Codierung für Quelle, Kanal und Übertragung", Aachen, March 1998
  • Bernd Edler, Heiko Purnhagen, Charalampos Ferekidis
    ASAC - Analysis/Synthesis Audio Codec for Very Low Bit Rates
    100th AES Convention, Audio Engineering Society, p. Preprint 4179, Copenhagen, May 1996