Dr.-Ing. Muhammad Shoaib
Muhammad Shoaib left the Institut für Informationsverabeitung.
Publications and research activities from the time after the departure are not listed here.
Muhammad Shoaib received his Master Degree in computer Science from International Islamic University Islamabad in 2005.He then worked as a software Engineer in a public Sector organization for two years.Since April 2007 he has been working towards PhD at the Institut für Informationsverarbeitung University of Hannover.


Fall Detection

fall detection!

Foreground Segmentation

Foreground Segmentation!

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  • Conference Contributions
    • Muhammad Shoaib, Tobias Elbrandt, Evgeny Zaretskiy, Jörn Ostermann
      Hierarchical Bayer-Pattern Based Background Subtraction for Low Resource Devices
      IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, IEEE, May 2012
    • Muhammad Shoaib, Ralf Dragon, Jörn Ostermann
      View-invariant Fall Detection for Elderly in Real Home Environment
      The Fourth Pacific-Rim Symposium on Image and Video Technology (PSIVT2010), IEEE, November 2010
    • Ralf Dragon, Muhammad Shoaib, Bodo Rosenhahn, Jörn Ostermann
      NF-Features - No-Feature-Features for Representing non-Textured Regions
      11th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2010), Heraklion, Greece, September 2010
    • M. Shoaib, T. Elbrandt, R. Dragon, J. Ostermann
      Altcare: Safe Living For Elderly People
      4th International ICST Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare 2010, IEEE, March 2010
    • M. Shoaib, R. Dragon, J. Ostermann
      Shadow Detection for Moving Humans Using Gradient-Based Background Subtraction
      ICASSP International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, Taipei, Taiwan, April 2009
    • M. Shoaib, R. Dragon, J. Ostermann
      Improving Object Detection by Contour-Based Shadow Removal
      Zweiter Workshop optische Technologien – HOT, Hannover, November 2008
    • M Shoaib, N.A Khan, S Masud, A Nabeel
      Computationally efficient fine grained scalability for low bit rate video coding
      9th International Symposium on Signal Processing and Its Applications, ISSPA., IEEE, 2007
    • M.A.U. Khan, C.M. Imran, M. Shoaib, M. Sikander, H. Khiyal
      Design and analysis of predictive reflected residual vector quantization
      International Conference on Networking and Communication,INCC, IEEE, 2004
  • Journals
    • Muhammad Shoaib, Ralf Dragon, Jörn Ostermann
      Context-aware visual analysis of elderly activity in cluttered home
      EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, springer, Vol. 2011, December 2011