Machine Learning for Quantum Information Theory
Im Rahmen des Projekts Quantum Learning


keywords: , machine learning, quantum information.

Quantum Information theory is concerned with finding optimal bounds on information processing tasks. These bounds are often given in terms of entropic quantities. Unfortunately, they can be very hard to compute precisely. Machine learning gives a new approach to find bounds on these quantities by searching for optimizers. This is a good project for someone familiar with machine learning, who wants to take first steps towards quantum information.

Focuses of this project are:
  • Quantum Information
  • Quantum capacities
  • Machine learning

In this project I have regular opportunities to offer. Explicit topics for a thesis that I give out are individualized and on request, if available. If you are motivated and interested in this project, please send me a short email with the important information about you and why you are interested. The following knowledge, qualities and experiences are helpful for the thesis:


  • Motivated
  • Can work independently
  • Machine learning
  • Programming
  • Background with quantum information theory optional.

Contact person: Christoph Hirche