Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Hötter
FH Hannover
Fachbereich Elektro- und Informationstechnik
Fachgebiet Kommunikationstechnik
Ricklinger Stadtweg 118
30459 Hannover
phone: +49 511 9296-1257/1180/1259
fax: +49 511 9296-1196
Michael Hötter left the Institut für Informationsverabeitung.
Publications and research activities from the time after the departure are not listed here.
  • Anja Frost, Eike Renners, Michael Hötter, Jörn Ostermann
    Probabilistic Evaluation of Three-Dimensional Reconstructions from X-Ray Images Spanning a Limited Angle
    Sensors , Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 137-151, December 2012
  • M. Hötter, J. Ostermann
    Analysis-synthesis coding based on the model of planar, rigid, moving objects
    1st International Workshop on 64 kbits/Coding of Moving Video, Hannover, June 1988