Carolin Benjamins, M.Sc.
Leibniz Universität Hannover
Institut für Informationsverarbeitung
Appelstr. 9A
30167 Hannover
phone: +49 511 762-5319
fax: +49 511 762-5333
office location: room 1301

I now work at the Institute of AI, please find my profile here.

Carolin Benjamins received her bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics in 2017 and her master’s degree in Mechatronics and Robotics in 2020 at the Leibniz University Hanover. Since 2020 she is working towards her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Marius Lindauer.

She is driven by the love for automation and making complex algorithms more accessible. Further interests are robotics, automated machine learning (AutoML), hyperparameter optimization (HPO) and especially Bayesian Optimization (BO) as well as reinforcement learning and meta-learning.